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Would you like guaranteed success* as a residential investor? Now you have it. We want you to be successful, not lose your shirt.  If you have always wanted to invest in residential real estate this is the program for you.  There is money to be made in the residential market, but it is not for amateurs.

A shortage of residential housing is being created because new housing starts are virtually zero.  People always need a place to live, and foreclosures are slowing.  The timing is perfect, but only if know what you are doing. Whether you are looking to increase your retirement income, save for the future, or learn the ropes to start your own business, we have the education and mentorship you need.

Do you have CD’s and books about residential real estate investment gathering dust on your shelf? Maybe you even spent money to attend expensive seminars.  If this describes you, and you still haven’t done your first deal, don’t feel bad.  Our program has been created to get you a different outcome – knowledge and your first fix and flip deal.

Our program is different than others for a lot of reasons.  But the biggest one?

You and your fellow students will experience the purchase of a residential fix and flip property. 

Our Residential Pro program, gives you 6 months of education and mentorship from successful experts, including Tom Stanley with over 27 years of experience and hundreds of successful fix and flip properties. Here are the highlights of what you will learn:

  • What to look for in prospective investment property by riding the Education to Equity bus.  During the first session, you and your fellow students will view multiple available residential properties.  Learn to evaluate each property, decide as a group which one to purchase, and extend the offer for purchase.
  • All about property due diligence and inspection. Your educational materials even include valuable punch lists and a proprietary E2E Property Evaluator for use in your future deals.
  • How to evaluate and plan for the rehab phase. Experienced sub-contractors will teach you what to look for and how to plan.  You will learn how to evaluate expensive mistakes and to maximize profitability.
  • How to work with and negotiate through real estate brokers, contractors, and attorneys. You will learn hands on how to evaluate and negotiate bids from contractors.  You and your fellow students will meet with the attorney who will help you through the investment phase.  Making your initial offer will introduce you to how to best utilize real estate brokers.  

You receive real time learning and education.  You achieve real results.

If that insider education wasn’t enough you will also receive:

  • Meetings to learn about all of the topics you need to know about for running this type of business. Topics like market trends, managing appraisers, loan applications, managing your credit, structuring a Personal Financial Statement and your exit strategies.
  • An education from other professionals. You will receive exactly what you need to know about their profession.  And they become part of the training focused on your success by providing on-going contact and training.

If this sounds like something that you may be a good fit for, here are your next steps.

  • Call Jill Claypool for the inside scoop (800)800-4220 or drop her e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Set up your one-on-one meeting with Tom Stanley. 

Class is in session soon!  So don’t delay.  We have limited seats and want to make sure you don’t miss out.


*Additional Details:

  • Our educational program is focused on supporting our students through rehabbing a residential property.  We aim to help our students develop a profitable fix and flip property upon completion and sale.  However, profitability is not guaranteed. 
  • E2E is not part of the residential investment that is done by the students.  Education and mentorship through the process is provided.  A licensed Illinois attorney will serve as part of the E2E faculty to handle the closing and investment structure for the students.