If you have always wanted to invest in commercial real estate this is the program for you.  Whether you are looking to increase your retirement income, save for the future, or learn the ropes to start your own business, we have the education and mentorship you need.

If you aren’t sure that you have enough cash to get started, don’t worry. We have arranged for unique, affordable financing of the entire program.  

Here are all of the details of our Education to Equity Program. During the 1 year training, you will learn:

  • What to look for in prospective investment property by riding the Education to Equity bus.  We will spend a full day visiting target properties four times a year learning every step required to be successful.
  • How to evaluate deals, writing LOI’s through a successful purchase contract.
  • The inside details about your investment properties from sub-contractors familiar with the property, how to deal with them and ultimately get the right pricing for the rehab phase.
  • All about  property due diligence and inspection and how it may benefit you during a renegotiation
  • What questions to ask while you meet with property management and maintenance staff and how to manage your managers.
  • How to work with and negotiate through real estate brokers, contractors, accountants and attorneys.  These professionals will be on the bus and will become part of your team!
  • Even how to raise private equity in today’s economy.

If that insider education wasn’t enough you will also receive:

  • Meetings twice a quarter to learn about all of the topics you need to know about for running this type of business. Topics like:

    • market trends
    • managing appraiser
    • loan applications
    • cutting bills to increase income
    • creative financing
    • deal creation
    • managing your credit and PFS,
    • exit strategies

  • An education from other professionals during our quarterly meetings.  You will receive exactly what you need to know about their profession.  And they become part of the train focused on your success by providing on-going contact and training
  • An online learning environment filled with our interactive curriculum, and lots of tools to help you master commercial real estate investment strategies
  • Access by phone and e-mail to our founder, Thomas Stanley.  With over 26 years of experience, this one-on-one time is an invaluable part of your success.

We are so confident that you will be successful, that we even offer the following guarantee:

E2E guarantees that after successful completion of our Commercial Pro program you will have  the knowledge you need to successfully do commercial real estate investment on your own.

If this sounds like something that you may be a good fit for, here are your next steps.

  • Call Jill Claypool, Director of Sales, at (800)800-4220 with your questions.  Or send her an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Plan on attending one of our free, no-pressure seminars to learn all of the details.


Please do not delay.  There is an application process.  After all, you are partnering with us for a year.  We want to make sure that we are a good fit, and that you will be a success in the program.