We are very excited about the E2E Private Money program, it quite possibly could change the way some banks do business. After all, shouldn't people be lent money based on the deal and not on their individual credit score? Who came up with that idea anyway? People run into any number of issues on a daily basis, good credit score or not. Stuff happens which is out of their control. Further more, a credit score just doesn't say anything about the deal or the person's drive and ability to get the job done.

Whatever happened to a win-win situation within business?

If "Mr. Good Credit Score", has a personal issue - everyone loses, he gets foreclosed on, the house goes into disrepair, and the bank holds a dead note for years while paying attorney's to foreclose on him. Not a good situation any way you cut it.

As you may know, we at E2E love solving problems, helping others, making things fair and right for all, and most of all, making money for all of our partners in the process. That is where E2E Private Money, LLC comes in. Our lending is not based upon credit but rather the deal. If the deal goes bad, our partners are protected by the asset and the borrower only loses money, not their ability to continue on with their life.

This program is so secure for our partners that we would argue it is the most secure investment in the country today! That's right, even more secure than government bonds or any of the other 1% return common place investments. (Unlike the government - we are not trillions of dollars in debt.) Think about it, we are buying properties for individuals with only 80% of our money at risk at the bottom of a down market with the borrower's funds for 20% plus rehab at risk. Where is the down side to being the bank here? If the deal goes bad, we sell the house and keep the borrower's funds or finish the house for a greater profit. (Yes..we do that.) Within the whole strategy we have a wholesale division as well which returns a much higher return to the bank than our standard lending.

If you are interested in becoming a private lender, making very secure returns for years to come, then get on board with the lenders who do it right.

Contact Jill Claypool our V.P. of Investor Relations to get involved. (800)800-4220 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click the link below to watch some video segments of when Rob Kirvan, a Financial Advisor, and Tom Stanley, host of R.E.A.L. Radio, discussed the fund: