As an entrepreneur I have alway’s felt as if I see things in a different light than those around me.  When in reality I believe all entrepreneur’s share some basic similarities which allow us to discover those niche’s within an industry that simply pass others by.  For me, I have been fortunate to hit three niches in my life time and ride those niche markets to a successful conclusion.  How does one find a niche within their field of expertise?  I found that the entrepreneur eye sees things in a much clearer light in a dream state as opposed to being wide awake.  After all, entrepreneurs are visionaries, we see business opportunities others have overlooked and are willing to flow with the prevailing business climate and adjust as necessary.  I make my most successful discoveries while on long bike rides with only my thoughts, whatever sets your mind in a free flowing creative state without the stresses of life and the world around you should be the place you go when in discovery mode.  It is amazing what the human mind can accomplish when you think of a topic and allow time to day dream.  This place should be visited several times a week while trying to find a fix to a problem within a given industry, as a personal rule I work in the “dream state” several times a week to allow creativity to continue to flourish.

Once an idea starts to formulate you look at it from all directions, one should be their own worst skeptic.  How will this idea fit, who will it benefit, who will it hurt, how viable is it, what will it take to get it off the ground?  These are just a few examples of questions that must be answered as you are creating that niche market.  When you have a firm hold on the direction you want to go and how to get there, you have to hold on to it and take the first step.  As an entrepreneur one must believe in himself or herself and their ability to take ahold of an idea all while having enough faith to bring that idea to fruition.  One thing I do everyday is think about who can help me move my idea forward, then I call or email that person.   This is a great exercise and helps me to generate more discussion and excitement around my idea.  I discovered long ago that people who have accomplished great things in their lives do not sit back and let things happen to them, they go out and make things happen.

Finding a niche is really not that difficult. I opened my health clubs because back then I simply saw a need for private training while working at a crowded gym.  Progressive Vision Management, my church building company, came out of the realization that the building industry I love was very corrupt and there had to be a better way when building the house of the Lord.  And Education To Equity started based on two issues I had with the investment and real estate communities.  First, in real estate investing, the so called professionals are more interested in selling tapes on how to do something rather than actually helping people.  On the investment side, all investment products return to the investor a small percent while the investment firm makes the big bucks and they don’t allow true ownership.  Recognizing a need, creating a business to fill that need, working out the bugs, believing in your creation and follow through, follow through, follow through.

All of my successes have come from a tireless drive to succeed in what I believe in, I am not swayed by nay sayers but instead use their negativity as constructive criticism.  And above all a successful entrepreneur can not be afraid of failure, on the contrary failures are opportunities to learn.