Tom, Kristin & Jill,
I wanted to say "thank you" for the opportunity to be a vendor last night at your event in Rolling Meadows, IL.  I saw some old faces and got a chance to meet a number of new ones also.
Also, thanks for truly putting on a 1st class/professional event that people can come and learn really how to invest in real estate.  I think you and your company are revolutionary.
Have a great day.

***Anthony M. Linder***


Just wanted to let you know I got a lot out of the bus trip this past weekend and have begun immediately putting the education to use.
Since Saturday, I have requested and received quotes to demo and re-install the concrete slab in my 2-car garage.  I used the knowledge you shared to ask the right questions and made sure I knew what I was and was not getting from the contractor.
The three quotes came in at $3300, $2500, and $2300.  I made sure each understood that the wire mesh, winterizing and sealant were included as well as the creation of seams so that cracking would be controlled.  I went with the low bid after adding the missing component at no additional charge to the quoted price.   
Thanks for jump starting my education towards becoming my own GC.
Talk to you again soon... Feel free to share this info with the group...
Brian R.

Tom & Kristin,
We will be traveling to the St. Louis area this week
to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends.
I have many things I re-call at this time of year and
give 'Thanks".
New on my list is the pleasure of meeting you both.
I am learning a lot.
Please take care and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Many, many thanks...Terry

Hey there, wanted to say I love the You Tube video, and I clicked on your website too -- LOVE it!  Seriously, really nice job. And congrats on a successful first round of students.




Hi Tom,


Great job last night.  I am happy to share this opportunity with my friends and family because you do such a great job of presenting and I have faith and trust in E2E.




Hi Tom,

Thank you. The bus trip was great, I learned a lot and am very excited.


Thank you,





Hey Tom!!

Thank you so much for creating E2E. The more I think about it, the more excited I get!! :-). Looking forward to the future even more now! YEAH!!!!!! :-). (I'm jumping up n down on the inside. LOL!)

I appreciated dinner n the nice wine. It was fun to talk to Kristen again. I am glad I will see both of you more now.

Sleep well!!


Y.G. wrote on 4/14/11

Congratulations on being picked up!. Your educational program is one of a kind, and I'm convinced it will be a huge success. Thank you for the awesome tour of HRI endeavors in Indiana, and the opportunity to pick your brain for 8 hours.