Tom Stanley is back on the radio every Sunday at 9am. Tune in to WIND AM 560 and listen to Real Estate Edge.  Tom will be co-hosting the show with Mike Kolacki, a mortgage loan strategist. 

Check back on our site soon as we will be creating a section where all of the shows will be available. Stayed tuned!



Recently, Tom Stanley and his three children took the fully decorated E2E bus on quite a rewarding ride. The bus was donated and used to transport terminally ill children to a train station and board the 'polar express'. The children were treated to a train ride with full decorations, christmas treats, and Mrs. Claus. For the entire Stanley family and E2E team it was a very rewarding experience. Below is the write up in the Daily Herald newspaper. We wish everyone a wonderful 2012!




Congratulations to Eva on the birth of her grandson, Noah!  He was born on Friday morning, 11/18, 1:11am and weighs in at 7lbs, 4oz.



Introducing our newest investor! Daughter of Sarah and Brian. Born on Saturday August 27th, her name is Izabela Grace and she weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz, measured 21 inches. 

We are so happy for them! Congratulations to you both. And happy birthday Izabela from the entire E2E family!!!



Well, we have returned from the Leadville, CO moutain bike race called the Race Across the Sky - and Tom is safe and sound. Unfortunately, the elements (high dust due to no rain) and the elevation (over 14,000 feet at the midway point of the race) kept Tom from completing the entire ride. He made it through 74 miles of the toughest mountain bike race in awesome time. He felt physically strong but his lungs gave out, and without air you are done. His comment? It goes a little like this, "We're going for gold next year!" So that tells you that he will be doing this race again and trying to complete in in less than 9 hours. Just to complete the course is an amazing accomplishment. I can't wait to see him try. 

Unknown sources have heard his wife and myself say that maybe we will try too. What the heck? Is insanity contagious? Maybe!

Only 3 weeks until our first bus leaves for our commercial pro program. We are looking forward to this exciting adventure. 

Doug Skinkis
Director of Business Operations 


Hello everyone, this is Doug Skinkis - Director of Business Development for E2E. I wanted to jump in and post a blog while Tom is out in Colorado training for his moutain bike race this Saturday. If you are interested in which race he's in, just look up Race Across the Sky on Google. It is considered by many to be the roughest moutain bike race in the country. We all wish him luck! Here is a good video if you want to know more about the race... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpf1LHfLz0o 

Anyway...back to business. We are prepping the Education to Equity bus for its maiden voyage this coming September 10th. Some new toys will be added to its awesome interior, including a 32" flat screen TV for our students to more easily view the presentations. 

We are all about comfort. After all, we will be on that bus for approximately 4 hours going out to Indiana and learning about real estate and another 4 hours or so coming home. 

Get ready students! It's gonna be a wild ride! Yee haw. 



Henry Ford said “The only security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience & ability”.    I think mentorship should have been added.  It’s funny;  I see so many “real estate education programs”.  People spend thousands of dollars, lots of time and have a shelf or two loaded with books and CD’s.  With only a 1% success rate for students becoming actual investors I often wonder what the missing part is.  I think it is all about being mentored.  Someone showing you the ropes step by step.   I learned real estate as a child, and it really helped me understand the investment process.



Seth Godin had a great blog entry.    He blogged about “Unbetterable” saying:

The two best ways to break through a rut and to make an impact:

  • Find things that others have accepted as the status quo and make them significantly, noticeably and remarkably better.
  • Find things that you're attached to that are slowing you down, realize that they are broken beyond repair and eliminate them. Toss them away and refuse to use them any longer.

I got excited when I thought about the E2E program – it was created to correct the wrongs in real estate education and help the students learn a way to achieve more financial security. Thanks Seth for summing it up.



The bus has arrived.  Rock on.  This makes the E2E program feel so real.  And our students won’t be able to get lost finding us when the bus is parked outside.












I sent over the final logo for the bus wrap.  That means the E2E bus will be arriving in just a few days.  Now that’s exciting.